Open Studio Monitors

Open Studio monitors are CAG volunteers who oversee the studio during the following hours.

Spring 2019:

Saturday 12-4pm:     Clare Macy & Pat Alger

Saturday 4-7pm:        Mary Ellen Brownell

Saturday 7-10pm:      Donna Cowan

Sunday 1-4pm:            Clarice Judah

Sunday 4-7pm:            Erika Goldstein

Monday 4-7pm:           Robin Moore & Brad Krebs

Tuesday 4-7pm:           Mona Moxley & David Shapiro

Wednesday 12-4pm:  Bette Sindzinski

Friday 12-4pm:             Sue Pena

Friday 4-7pm:                Linda Goren & Betty Wang

Substitute:                      Bridget Moar

Monitor Calendar

Welcome to ceramics open studio

We want your time here to be productive and creative. In order to insure the studio is good working condition for all students we have the following studio rules.

  1. Check in with the Monitor when coming into Open Studio. You’ll find the Monitor’s name on the stand by the front door and look for the orange flag.
  2. Enter/Leave on Time. Please wait to come into the studio until open studio begins as it can be disruptive to class and the instructor to enter while class is still in session. Be sure to be cleaned up and ready to leave by the end of open studio. If you are leaving near the end of open studio, please be sure to clean up your areas and also help the Monitors clean up the studio if you see something that you can do. If the open studio is the last thing for the evening, please help Monitors put all of the stools on the tables.
  3. Store your personal belongings such as purses and lunches on the shelves near the restroom.
  4. Please keep tools in your area. Wheel throwers please do not store tools or your work in progress on the tables with canvas and if the wooden tabletops are needed for hand builders please place your work the storage shelves throughout the studio.
  5. Wheels and tables cannot be reserved by setting down your tools and working in another area. If you are away from your work-space for a significant time (30 minutes) and the space is needed for another student, the Monitors will ask you to pick what you want to do. I.e.; either glaze or go back to the work-space. You cannot occupy both spaces when the space is needed. If all wheels are occupied the Monitor will have a waiting list.
  6. Wedging tables: use only white clay on the table closest to the damp room. Clean wedging tables after each use; do not store bags of clay or wet clay on the tables. If you need to dry clay out use the plaster bats.
  7. Slip Buckets: the smaller buckets on the floor are for dry clay. The large buckets are for wet slip. If you have a lot of water in the your throwing bucket empty most of the water in the sink, the remaining slip should go in the large bucket.
  8. Be sure to clean up after yourself. It is your responsibility to insure your work space and any tools and supplies you have used are clean and returned; this includes wheels, tables, glaze room, any bats or boards, sink, wedging tables etc. go ahead and clean up around you as well if you see something dirty.
  9. When cleaning in the glaze room wash out pitchers, cups, syringes, spoons etc. that you use and return them to the appropriate pace. Wipe off the glaze tables after you use them and clean off the turn table in the spray room.
  10. Use the smallest board or bat to store your work in the damp room and drying room. We often lack space in these rooms.
  11. Slab roller: it is best to have a cloth under your clay for the big slab roller and you must use the designated clothes for the small slab roller on both the top and bottom. Flatten your clay about 1-1 ½” before using the roller.
  12. The library has a lot of great books and periodicals. The library assistant can help you check out the material. Please return it in a timely fashion.

Whew! We know that this is a lot to remember! If you have any questions please just check with the Monitor or Takemi. Also if Takemi or a Monitor let you know of a rule it is just because they want to keep the studio running efficiently. There is no judgement or intention to upset; everyone at times needs reminders! The bottom line is that the studio is used by many students and we want to keep it clean and functional for all of us. Please be considerate to your fellow students. Your cooperation and involvement will insure everyone has a great working environment. Thank you!